The Spanish Association for American Studies (SAAS) was founded in l993, in Madrid, and was formally registered as "Sociedad española para el estudio de los Estados Unidos de América". Its aim is to promote and encourage the study of all areas of American Studies, assisting individuals and groups in developing their work and sharing their cultural and scientific interests. This aim also guides the cultural and intellectual policy of the Associacion and its attempt to redefine and understand the interdisciplinary character of these studies in Spain. SAAS serves members of the academic world, college faculty, graduate students, independent scholars as well as individuals from public and private institutions, as stipulated by the official bylaws of the Association. SAAS publishes a newsletter once a year (S.A.A.S.), a journal (Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos, Universidad de Sevilla), organizes a biennual conference and promotes scientific and cultural collaboration with national and international colleagues, associations and other institutions.

Most of the information offered by SAAS is channelled through this Home Page (http://www.ucm.es/info/saas/) and members as well as Americanists in Spain and abroad are encouraged to use it. The Association also publishes an annual newsletter, which provides information about the activities carried out by the Board and by members of the Association, reports about its biennual convention, news and forthcoming events, conferences and call for papers coming from national institutions or international associations in American Studies. At the same time the newsletter collects current information on projects , resources and inquiries about American Studies issues in Spain and provides a detailed description of the SAAS/FULBRIGHT grant for postdoctoral research. The terms of this grant are also available through the Web Site of the Commission for Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange between the United States of America and Spain (http://www.fulbright.es/comision/welcome.html). The official address of S.A.A.S. is:

Spanish Association for American Studies (S.A.A.S.)
Paseo General Martínez Campos, 24
28010 Madrid (ESPAÑA)
Tel.: 91.308.24.36. Fax: 91.308.57.04

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