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"American Dreams, American Nightmares, American Fantasies"

Universidad de Alicante, April, 2025.


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For the 2025 SAAS Conference at the University of Alicante we welcome proposals for panels that include topics and areas of study related, but not restricted, to the following:


-- New readings of American utopias and dystopias.

-- The American fantasy, American escapism in the 21st century.

-- The American Dream today.

-- Foundational dreams reimagined.

-- America as a valley of ashes: migration and borderlands in the American Dream.

-- Contemporizing The Great Gatsby.

-- The DREAM Act.

-- Mythology, spirituality, religion and the American Dream.

-- Environmental threats and ecology in the American Dream.

-- Medicare and the American Dream.

-- Race, gender, sexuality and the American Dream.

-- Censorship, media and the American Dream.


The conference languages will be English and Spanish.




Panel proposal submissions should include:

1. A panel title

2. A brief description of the panel focus

3. A short bio of the panel coordinator and contact information

At a later date, panels unrelated to the conference theme will also be considered. At this stage, please send panel proposals to Laura Arce Álvarez (laura.arce@uam.es) and/or Martín Urdiales Shaw (urdiales@uvigo.es) before April 1, 2024, using THIS FORM. Panel coordinators will be informed whether their panels have been accepted before May 15, 2024.
All inquiries regarding the submission process should be sent to: Laura Arce Álvarez (laura.arce@uam.es) and/or Martín Urdiales Shaw (urdiales@uvigo.es).