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REN: Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos




Número 19 - 2015



American Secrets: The Politics and Poetics of Secrecy in the Literature and Culture of the United States (2011), Ed. by E. Barros Grela & J. Liste Noya


American Secrets


SAAS Conference 2007



Chuck Palahniuk: Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Choke (2013). Ed. by Francisco Collado.



A Contested West: New Readings of Place in the American West (2013), Ed. by M. Simonson, D. Río and A. Ibarrarán



Unsteadily Marching On: The US South in Motion (2013), Ed. by Constante González Groba



Women in Transit Through Literary Liminal Spaces (2013), Ed. T. Gómez Reus & Terry Gifford




De-Centring Cultural Studies (2013), Ed. by Patricia Bastida Rodríguez et al.



Landscapes of Writing in Chicano Literature (2013), Ed. by Imelda Martín Junquera.





"Understanding (Human) Nature"


Universidad de extremadura


CACERES, APRIL 5-7, 2017



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List of Panels

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1) “At the Crossroads: Trauma and Posthumanity in Contemporary American Fiction”
Panel Chair: Francisco Collado Rodríguez, Universidad de Zaragoza.
E-mail: fcollado@unizar.es  


2) “Soundscapes: Landscape and Music in the American West ”
Panel Chair: Ángel Chaparro Sainz, Universidad del País Vasco – Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea
E-mail: angel.chaparro@ehu.es


3) “Nature and the Artificial: Skin and Clothes"
Panel Chair: Cristina Giorcelli, University of Rome Three
E-mail: mariacristina.giorcelli@uniroma3.it


4) “Understanding (Human) Nature in the American West”
Panel Chair: Jesús A. González, Universidad de Cantabria
E-mail: gonzalezja@unican.es


5) “The Poetics of (Human) Nature”
Panel Chair: Viorica Patea, Universidad de Salamanca
E-mail: vioricap@usal.es


6)“Dickinson and Her Peers on (Human) Nature”
Panel Chair: Jefferey Simons, Universidad de Huelva
E-mail: simons@dfing.uhu.es


7) “Inhuman Natures: US Women Playwrights and War”
Panel Chair: Noelia Hernando Real, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
E-mail: noelia.hernando@uam.es


8) “Rethinking Gender and Ethnicity: the Construction, Destruction and Deconstruction of Boundaries in American Epistemologies”
Panel Chair: Minerva Campión, Universidad Central, Bogotá, Colombia
E-mail: mcampionc@ucentral.edu.co


9) “Animal and Gender Performativity: Nonhuman Others' Lessons on the Nature of Americanness”
Panel Chair: Claudia Alonso Recarte, Universidad de Valencia
E-mail: Claudia.Alonso@uv.es


10) “Amnesia: Memory Loss in Contemporary Culture”
Panel Chair: Cristina Garrigós, UNED
E-mail: cgarrigos@flog.uned.es


11) “We are Where We Are, or, Are We Where We are?: Space, Place and Human Nature in American Writing”
Panel Chair: José Liste, Universidade da Coruña
E-mail: jliste@udc.es


12) “The (Natural) Borders of Identity: Rethinking Identity Boundaries in American Literature”
Panel Chairs: Amanda Ellen Gerke, Universidad de Salamanca
E-mail: aegerke@usal.es


13) “A New Man Emerges: Ecomasculinity in Contemporary America”
Panel Chair: Rubén Cenamor Pons, Universitat de Barcelona
E-mail: rubencenamor@ub.edu


14) “Rethinking the Deprivation of Human Status: The Pursuit of Political and Social Rights in the USA”
Panel Chair: Antonia Sagredo Santos, UNED
E-mail: asagredo@flog.uned.es


15) “'Live deep and suck out all the marrow of life': Understanding Human Nature in H.D. Thoreau's Literary Legacy”
Panel Chair: Eulalia Piñero Gil, Universidad Auntónoma de Madrid
E-mail: eulalia.pinero@uam.es


16) “Native Americans and the Spirituality of Nature: Contemporary Issues”
Panel Chair: Aitor Ibarrola-Armendariz, Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao
E-mail: aitor.ibarrola@deusto.es


17) “Mirrors to the Human: Robots and Aliens”
Panel Chair: María Ángeles Toda Iglesia, Universidad de Sevilla
E-mail: mtoda@us.es


18) “Nature, Food and Memory in Contemporary Native American Literature”
Panel Chair: Silvia Martínez Falquina, Universidad de Zaragoza
E-mail: smfalqui@unizar.es


19) “Transatlantic Human Natures”
Panel Chair: Santiago Rodríguez Guerrero-Strachan, Universidad de Valladolid
E-mail: guerrero@fyl.uva.es


20) “The Politics of Fear: Fleecing the Sheeple in an Age of Plutocracy”
Panel Chair: Dan Fyfe, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
E-mail: daniel.fyfe@ulpgc.es


21) “A New "Errand into the Wilderness": Changing Myths for a Changing America”
Panel Chair: Diana Villanueva Romero, Universidad de Extremadura
E-mail: dvillanv@unex.es


22) “Whose Lives Matter? in American Literature and Film”
Panel Chair: Juliana Nalerio, Universidad de Valladolid
E-mail: Juliana.Nalerio@ncf.edu


23) “Rethinking the Human through Black Women's Bodies in African American and Transatlantic Women Writers”
Panel Chair: Mar Gallego, Universidad de Huelva
E-mail: mar@uhu.es


24) Miscellaneous Panel
Panel Chairs:  Viorica Patea / Rodrigo Andrés, Universidad de Salamanca / Universidad de Barcelona
E-mail: vioricap@usal.es / rodrigoandres@ub.edu



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- Abstracts of Proposals are to be e-mailed directly to the chair of the selected panel using this form. The deadline for submitting abstracts is October 15, 2016. Panel chairs are expected to accept/reject proposals and have panels set up by November 15 and send the final lists to viorica@usal.es and eulalia.pinero@uam.es.
- Panels cannot have more than THREE contributions each.
- The deadline for the submission of the final and complete version of papers accepted by panel chairs is March 15, 2017.
-All complete papers have to be submitted in electronic format to the panel chair who accepted them. Please, include a brief CV of approx. 300 words, indicating your present affiliation and main publications.
- Before the Conference, all the papers will be circulated among the panel participants.
- The final version should never exceed 2.500 words. Panelists will be talking for about 20' and there will be a final round of questions once all panelists have presented their contributions. Panel chairs are also expected to offer a brief summary and comments on the contributions to their own panels.
- Panel sessions should not last more that one hour and thirty minutes, including the question/answer section.
- All participants MUST have registered for the Conference ahead of time.
- Panel chairs are also expected to dissuade panelists from simply reading their papers.
- If panelists have any special requirements for their presentations, they should let their panel chairs know as soon as possible and fill up the appropriate section of the paper proposal form.
- You can obtain more information on the Conference venue by visiting the Conference's website

IMPORTANT: Non-members of SAAS (of all nationalities) are welcome to participate in the conference, but will be required to pay membership dues for one year as well as the conference registration fee. Members of ASA (American Studies Association), need only pay the conference registration fee.