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Chuck Palahniuk: Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Choke (2013). Ed. by Francisco Collado.



A Contested West: New Readings of Place in the American West (2013), Ed. by M. Simonson, D. Río and A. Ibarrarán



Unsteadily Marching On: The US South in Motion (2013), Ed. by Constante González Groba



Women in Transit Through Literary Liminal Spaces (2013), Ed. T. Gómez Reus & Terry Gifford




De-Centring Cultural Studies (2013), Ed. by Patricia Bastida Rodríguez et al.











"The Image and the Word: Interactions between American Literature, Media, Visual Arts and Film"




Call for PAPERS

1)Gender and Genre in American Literature: Women Authors and Their Perception of the Gender/Genre Intersection
Panel Chair: Aleksandra Nikčević-Batrićević, University of Montenegro .
E-mail: alexmontenegro@t-com.me

2) " The Image and the Word in Early America"
Panel Chair: José Manuel Correoso Rodenas, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
E-mail: JoseManuel.Correoso@uclm.es  

3) "Multimodal Perspectives on Group Identity-building in American TV and Film"
Panel Chair: Amanda Gerke. Universidad de Salamanca
E-mail: aegerke@usal.es  

4) "Aging Men and Masculinities in Contemporary U.S. Culture: Literary and Film Representations"
Panel Chair: Josep M. Armengol-Carrera. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
E-mail: josemaria.armengol@uclm.es  

5) "Imaging the Sound: The Role of Soundscape and Soundscape Studies in (Re)Framing the Visual"
Panel Chair: Alessandra Calanchi. University of Urbino, Italy
E-E-mail: alessandra.calanchi@uniurb.it  

6) "Human and Technological Eyes in the Narrative Construction of the Posthuman"
Panel Chair: Francisco Collado Rodríguez, Universidad de Zaragoza
E-mail: fcollado@unizar.es  

7) "Drawing the Line: Illustrating US Classics of the Nineteenth Century"
Panel Chair: María Ángeles Toda Iglesia, Universidad de Sevilla
E-mail: mtoda@us.es  

8) "And the Word became Celluloid, and Dwelt Among Us: Hollywood and the American Novel"
Panel Chair: Dan Fyfe, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
E-mail: daniel.fyfe@ulpgc.es  

9) "The American West and Its Representation in Media and the Visual Arts"
Panel Chair: Ángel Chaparro Sainz, Universidad del País Vasco
E-mail: angel.chaparro@ehu.eus  

10) "Blurred Boundaries: The Notion of the Human and the Definition of Storytelling in the Age of the Posthuman"
Panel Chair: Sonia Baelo. Universidad de Zaragoza
E-mail: baelo@unizar.es 

11) "Western Images and Words: The American West and Film"
Panel Chair: Jesús Ángel González, Universidad de Cantabria
E-mail: gonzalezja@unican.es  

12) "Aliens in North America: Images of Exiles and Migratory Phenomena"
Panel Chair: María Luz Arroyo Vázquez, UNED
E-mail: larroyo@flog.uned.es  

13) "The Lyric Sensorium in American Poetry"
Panel Chair: Jeffrey Simons, Universidad de Huelva
E-mail: simons@uhu.es  

14) "Edgar Allan Poe and the Image: Interactions between Poetry and the Visual Arts"
Panel Chair: Santiago Rodríguez Guerrero-Strachan, Universidad de Valladolid
E-mail: guerrero@fyl.uva.es

15) "Unveiling the Limits of Our ‘Quest for Authenticity’. Visual Aesthetics: Afrofuturism, Gender, and the African Diaspora"
Panel Chair: Silvia Castro Borrego, Universidad de Málaga
E-mail: scb@uma.es  

16) "An Uncomfortable Truth: Women's Autofiction in American Literature and Media"
Panel Chair: Rebeca Gualberto Valverde, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
E-mail: rgualberto@ucm.es  

17) "9/11 – An Image Which Continues to Shape Twenty-first-Century United States Culture"
Panel Chair: Clair A. Sheehan, University of Limerick, Ireland
E-mail: clair.sheehan@ul.ie

18) "On the Screen as on the Stage: Film and Theater Interplays and the (Fe)Male Gaze"
Panel Chair: Noelia Hernando Real, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
E-mail: noelia.hernando@uam.es  

19) "Intersections between Animality, Disability and Affect Studies in American Fiction"
Panel Chair: Diana Villanueva Romero, Universidad de Extremadura
E-mail: dvillanv@unex.es  

20) "Melville's Architectures: Ekphrasis, Structures, and Orientations of 'the Domestic'"
Panel Chair: Rodrigo Andrés, Universitat de Barcelona
E-mail: rodrigoandres@ub.edu

21) "Poetry between Pleasure and Protest: Theory and Practice"
Panel Chair: Thomas Austenfeld, University of Fribourg
E-mail: thomas.austenfeld@unifr.ch 

22) "Woody Allen"
Panel Chair: Eusebio de Lorenzo Gómez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
E-mail: delorenzo@filol.ucm.es

23) "Trauma and Literature"
Panel Chair: Asli Tekinay, Bogazici University
E-mail: tekinay@boun.edu.tr  

24) "Better to Fail in Originality Than to Succeed in Imitation': Herman Melville's Dialogue with Literature, Visual Arts and Film"
Panel Chair: María Laura Arce Álvarez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
E-mail: laura.arce@uam.es 

25) "Creative Ceremonies: Native Americans and the Power of Word and Image"
Panel Chair: Silvia Martínez Falquina, Universidad de Zaragoza
E-mail: smfalqui@unizar.es 

26) "Rude Color of What an Amazing World": Avante-Garde Art and American Poetry "
Panel Chair: Viorica Patea, Universidad de Salamanca
E-mail: vioricap@usal.es 

27) Micellanea
Panel Chairs: Viorica Patea, Eulalia Piñero
E-mail: vioricap@usal.es; eulalia.pinero@uam.es  

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