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9th SAAS Conference

Water and American Renewal

Barcelona 2009


SAAS Conference 1999:
Santiago de Compostela



Our 14th SAAS Conference will take place at the University of Salamanca, to commemorate its 800th anniversary.


Boletín 2016





13th SAAS conference

Boletín 2016





Universidad de extremadura


CÁCERES, APRIL 5-7, 2017

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"Understanding (Human) Nature"




How can we define (human) Nature? What is implied in being human? What is a human? What have human beings done to/with/against Nature? These nagging questions have been at the core of philosophy and science since antiquity, never finding a definitive answer. In the American context, the Human / Nature seem to be a work in progress in need of constant redefinition each time a new discovery is made, a new boundary is broken. Likewise, the Western world seems at present haunted by the animal question, a question that goes on a par with the definition of what is like to be a human. Historically, women, slaves, peoples of color, the mentally unbalanced, and the disabled were deprived of their human status. The twentieth century marked by the horrors of two world wars led philosophers to the question of the human with a heightened intensity. Heidegger, Lévinas, Derrida, Agamben have been fundamental in working towards a redefinition of the human, and such was the extent towards which this debate increased that in 1966 Michel Foucault proclaimed the end of Man in The Order of Things: An Archaelogy of the Human Sciences, prompting the beginning of the posthuman turn. Is Nature still in consonance with Emerson's romantic conception and do America's classic images of open and wild spaces still exist?

In the midst of all these changes, American literature, art, history and culture have revealed their power to continue studying and evaluating (Human) Nature.

The conference languages will be English and Spanish.