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Winners of the 2016

Javier Coy Research Awards.

Best monographs:


Félix Martín, Retorno a la historia literaria norteamericana: itinerarios críticos y pedagógicos.






Josep Mª Armengol, Masculinities in Black and White: Manliness and Whiteness in (African) American Literature


American Secrets






Javier Coy Biennial Research Awards (2019)


Prof. Javier Coy


SAAS wishes to recognize the research achievements of its members through the Javier Coy Biennial Research Awards. The goal of these awards is to promote high-quality scholarship in the field of American Studies, and to celebrate the originality and excellence of research carried out within SAAS. All SAAS members are eligible to submit work in the following categories:

Best Monograph: This award is open to original volumes (joint authorship is also possible) published in 2017 or 2018. A monograph is here understood as a single volume on a specific subject, containing original research material. Literary translations, as well as editions, are excluded. The endowment of this award is 700 Euros.

Best Edited Volume: This award seeks to recognize outstanding edited collections of articles published in 2017 or 2018 in book form. The endowment of this award is 500 Euros.

Best Journal Article: This award is intended to honor original research articles published in 2017 or 2018 in a specialized research journal of international scope and high impact rate. The endowment of this award is 300 Euros.

Best REN Article: This award is open to original research articles published in the Revista de Estudios Norteamericanos. For this particular type of award, all the articles appearing in REN since the last SAAS conference (a biennial period) will be considered, unless otherwise stated by the authors; therefore, authors do not need to send copies to the committee. The endowment of this award is 200 Euros.

The authors, who necessarily have to be SAAS members at the time of submission, should send three copies of their work—with the exception of the REN award—to the conference organizing committee:

Dr. Viorica Patea

Departamento de Filología Inglesa

Universidad de Salamanca

Calle Placentinos 18

37008 Salamanca


Only one item across all categories can be submitted by each member. Works previously submitted for other awards are excluded. Once the Javier Coy awards are announced, the volumes/articles will be returned to authors.

Following the SAAS board's agreement, the composition of the jury will not be made public. The jury's decision, which is unappealable, will be made public during the members' general assembly at the biennial conference.

The next deadline for submitting works is January 15th 2019, and the awards will be made public at the 14th SAAS conference, to be held at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spring 2019.


Winners of the 2019 Javier Coy Research Awards

Best Monograph


Ana Manzanas and Jesús Benito, Hospitality in American Literature and Culture, Routledge, 2017.







Best Edited Volume

Isabel Durán, Rebeca Gualberto, Eusebio de Lorenzo, Carmen Méndez García, eds. A Critical Gaze from the Old World: Transatlantic Perspectives on American Studies. Peter Lang, 2018.

Best Journal Article

Paul Williams, for "Jules Feiffer's Tantrum at the End of Narcissisms Decade", published in Studies in the Novel 50. 3 (Fall 2018): 373-399. We would like to express our most sincere thanks to Paul Williams, who has generously donated the money of the award to the postgraduate students' fund recently created to support our young researchers' participation in SAAS conferences. We greatly appreciate his kind gesture.

Best REN Article

Malgorzata Poks, for "Home on the Border in Ana Castillo's The Guardians: The Colonial Matrix of Power, Epistemic Disobedience, and Decolonial Love", published in REN 21 (2017): 119-143.

Best Thesis in American Studies

María Ferrández San Miguel, from the University of Zaragoza, for her doctoral dissertation entitled "Mapping E.L. Doctorow's Ethical Pursuit: Trauma and Gender Articulations in Welcome to Hard Times, The Book of Daniel, Ragtime, and City of God", supervised by Dr Francisco Collado Rodríguez.