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APRIL 5-7, 2017


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American Secrets: The Politics and Poetics of Secrecy in the Literature and Culture of the United States (2011), Ed. by E. Barros Grela & J. Liste Noya


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Hombres soñados por escritoras de hoy, Cristina Alsina, Rodrigo Andrés y Angels Carabí, eds.


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Guidelines for Panelists

The List of Accepted Panels and corresponding Call for Papers is now posted on the SAAS webpage. SAAS members will receive an email notification with instructions inviting all who are interested to submit an abstract to the respective Panel Chairs. Only one submission per member will be considered and will be sent to one panel only.



Please submit all abstracts through our electronic application form on our website, no later than October 15, 2016.

Panel Chairs will notify applicants of their acceptance/rejection no later than November 15, 2016. At this time, all participants will be provided guidelines for the final presentation paper.

Selection of papers shall follow strict academic criteria: the relevance of the proposal to the panel topic, clarity of exposition, originality, correct use of references, etc.

Full and final conference papers must be submitted no later than March 1, 2017 along with a short bio (indicating academic affiliation and relevant publications) to be circulated among all panel participants.

Final versions should not exceed 8 pages, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, and double-spaced (approx. 2,500 words).

Each panel will consist of one chair and three panelists (the chair may be one of the participants). Only in the case of a double-session will a second chair be considered. The second session of a panel will be directed either by the same person or by another scholar designated by the original Chair. Co-charing is possible only in panels with two sessions.

The role of the chair will be to synthesize, comment, and sum up the three contributions as well as to foster audience participation.

Panel chairs who have accepted 6 good papers and wish to organize a second session should communicate this as soon as possible to Viorica Patea (vioricap@usal.es) and/or Rodrigo Andrés (rodrigoandres@ub.edu) by email. Classroom and time availability may be limited and selection will be made on a first come, first served basis.

All panel sessions (1 or 2) can only accommodate up to three speakers each. There will be no exceptions made to this rule.

Conference Organizers will provide the panel chairs with a certificate that specifies the panel (s)he has directed as well as certificates for all panel participants.

The duration of each panel is one hour and thirty minutes. Panelists will have a maximum of 20 minutes for their presentations. Chairs must adhere to strict time limits in order to allow for a discussion and question period of thirty minutes at the end of each session.

Papers must be delivered personally and cannot be read by second-parties. Panelists must be present for the entire session or they will not be awarded a certificate of participation. And, ideally, in the case of a double-session, participants should attend both sessions as well.

Participation is limited to one paper and one panel. Apart from directing a panel, chairs may deliver a paper in their own, or in another panel.

Participants who have not registered by the cut-off date established by Conference organizers will not be included in the official program.

Panel Chairs should discourage participants from reading their papers verbatim, and instead encourage lively debates with the audience.

Chairs should get in contact with the Conference Organizers at least two months in advance in order to communicate any equipment needed in their sessions.

Panel chairs and scholars named by the Board of Directors and the Conference Organizing Committee will make a first selection of possible contributions to be considered for publication. This volume will not be a collection of proceedings and, consequently, the pre-selection process shall be rigorous. The acceptance of a paper proposal does not automatically guarantee its publication.

There will be a miscellaneous panel directed by Viorica Patea and Rodrigo Andrés, which will accommodate contributions based on the theme of the conference but that do not specifically match any one of the conference panels.


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