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SAAS Conference 1999:
Santiago de Compostela

SAAS Conference 1997:
Universidad de León

SAAS Conference 2001:
Universidad de Salamanca

SAAS History

Since its foundation in 1993, SAAS has organized biennial three-day conferences hosted by local universities. Our conferences have drawn international participants and attendees from the United States and Europe. So far, the following cities and Universities has been venues for these conferences:

16        Granada 2023, (Upcoming, Universidad de Granada)

15        Bilbao 2021, (Universidad de Deusto)

14        Salamanca (2019, Universidad de Salamanca)

13        Cáceres (2017, Universidad de Extremadura)

12        Madrid (2015, Universidad Complutense)

11         La Laguna, Tenerife (2013, Universidad de La Laguna)

10         Alcalá, Madrid (2011, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares)

9         Barcelona (2009, Universitat de Barcelona)

8         Coruña (2007, Universidad de La Coruña)

7         Jaén (2005, Universidad de Jaén)

6         Vitoria (2003, Universidad del País Vasco)

5         Salamanca (2001, Universidad de Salamanca)

4        Santiago de Compostela (l999, Universidad de Santiago)

3       León (l997, Universidad de León)

2       Seville (l995, Universidad de Sevilla)

1       Madrid (l994, Universidad Autónoma)

These conferences have addressed topics on significant aspects of American Studies such as "History and Fiction: Fictions of History" (l994), "Urban U.S.A.: Real and Imaginary Cities" (l995) "Century Ends, Crises and New Beginnings" (l997), "Travelling Across Cultures: The Twentieth Century American Experience" (l999), "Power and Culture: Forms of Interaction and Renewal" (2001), "American Mirrors: Sef-Reflections and Self-Distortions" (2003), "Masculinities, Femininities and Hybridities in U.S. Culture" (2005), "American Secrets: The Politics and Poetics of Secrecy in American Culture" (2007) "Water and American Renewal: Critical readings. Political interventions" (2009), "The Backyard of the US Mansion: Critical Readings of Poverty and Wealth in the United States" (2011), "TRANS: The Poetics and Politics of Crossing in the US" (2013), "American Communities in a Global World: Challenges for the New Millennium" (2015), "Understanding (Human) Nature" (2017), "The Image and the Word: Interactions between American Literature, Media, Visual Arts and Film" (2019) and finally, the upcoming Bilbao conference will center on "'Fear Narratives' and their Role/Use in the United States," in the spring of 2021. SAAS conferences have regularly attracted between 100 and 150 registrants. Their format includes plenary lectures, panel sessions (15 to 25), dialogue sessions, roundtables and workshops on specific issues or areas of study.

Most of the plenary lectures have been addressed by prestigious literary, artistic or academic personalities,--among them Robert Coover, William Kennedy, Philip Levine, Mary Gordon, Leo Marx, Robert Brustein, Emory Elliott, Robert Allen, Shirley Lim, Heinz Ickstadt, Ilan Stavans, Bobbie Ann Mason, Maxine Hong Kingston, Louise Erdrich, Karen Tei Yamashita and Marjorie Perloff. Their participation has been important to set the intellectual standards of the conventions and determine their critical orientation. All this work has been made possible by the generous and enthusiastic support of the American Embassy in Madrid and its Cultural Services, as well as of the Fulbright Comission in Madrid.