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Félix Martín Gutiérrez, Retorno a la historia literaria norteamericana: itinerarios críticos y pedagógicos, PUV, 2014




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"The Image and the Word"

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11) "Western Images and Words: The American West and Film"
Panel Chair: Jesús Ángel González, Universidad de Cantabria
E-mail: gonzalezja@unican.es  


The iconic power of images of the American West has helped to turn a popular formula with limited literary value (popular Western fiction) into a film genre universally recognized as part of the cinematic canon: the Western. Without the images of the awe-inspiring, iconic landscapes of the West in classic examples of the genre it is difficult to imagine how the Western might have helped to shape the myth of the West as the ideal representation of American values, character, and exceptionalism. The core elements of the genre, "rooted in visceral images rather than abstract words, and in decisive action rather than sophisticated ideas" (Creekmur) found their perfect expression in a film genre that helped to define both American identity and cinema itself.

Although Westerns have nearly disappeared from mainstream cinema, the power of Western images and myths has persisted in post-Western films that have appeared, not only in the USA but in many other countries as well, to question and scrutinize the values and conventions of American Westerns.

We welcome papers that address the implications, contradictions, and evolution of Western cinema and films about the American West—such as (but not restricted to) the following:

• Critical perspectives on the Western genre

• “True West” vs. Westerns

• Where is the American West? Landscape, geography and the Western

• Literary origins: pre-Westerns, Cooper, dime novels, Owen Wister, Zane Grey

• The symbolic role of the myth of West and Western images in American


• From words to images: Western adaptations

• From the USA to the world: transnational Westerns and post-Westerns

• From the USA to space: Space Westerns

• Western interactions: Westerns, film noir, science fiction and Western


• Western soundtracks and contemporary Western music

• Contemporary Westerns, neo-Westerns and post-Westerns

• The West as setting: non-genre films about the American West

• Western identity: borders and frontiers in Western films and films about the West

• Western cities in American cinema

• Native Americans, Latinos and other minorities in Westerns and films about the West

• Western nature: the environmental perspective in Westerns and films about the




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