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3) "Multimodal Perspectives on Group Identity-building in American TV and Film"
Panel Chair: Amanda Gerke. Universidad de Salamanca
E-mail: aegerke@usal.es  


Film and media engage in a wide array of strategies to convey and transmit stereotypical beliefs, ideological standpoints, political leanings, and aspects of group identity-building through intonation and voice, music, visual imagery and editing techniques. Translated to identity-building, and within a sociolinguistic perspective, identity discourses "can be described as discursive orientations towards sets of features that are seen" (Blommeart & Varis 2011: 3). That is, language and identity comprise a patchwork of organized objects, directions of action, and social interaction, all of which are tied to the dynamic and complex system of micro-hegemonies within a community. The 'visuality' of identity-building in multimodal sources, such as films, TV series and other media, enables a reconfiguration of space and (dis)placement in the context of the diasporic identity.

Films such as Made in L.A. (2007), and The Visitor (2008), among many others, exemplify social interpretations of identity and language and their implications for the whole range of representational and semiotic modes for meaning making employed in a culture (Jewitt 2009: 2). This panel interrogates the ways in which the multimodal medium leads to a deeper understanding of social interactions at and beyond the border. It seeks to illustrate how the multimodal platform can reveal migrant realities, and in turn, provide a medium that gives place to the displaced and provide a tangible discourse to the silenced, oppressed, or otherwise marginalized.

This panel invites themes related, but not limited, to:

  • Multimodal approaches in identity-building in American film and other media.
  • Sociolinguistic approaches of (language) spaces and identity building in American media
  • Multimodal analyses of ‘migration’ in American film and other media.
  • Contemporary experience of the displaced portrayed through multimodal
  • mediums in the American context.
  • Visual representations of ideologies at and beyond the border in American film
  • and other media.



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Deadline: October 15, 2018

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