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"'Fear Narratives' and their Role/Use in the United States"

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8) "Approaching American Fear Narratives from the Medical Humanities"
Panel Chair: Marta Fernández Morales, Universidad de Oviedo
E-mail: fernandezmmarta@uniovi.es  


This proposal is articulated during a period of confinement due to COVID-19. The situation, stressful as it may be, offers opportunities for reflection. The field of the Medical Humanities is one of the many that are making significant contributions to the chronicles, discussions, and archiving of this moment. Its focus on conversations between medical/scientific and humanistic approaches, far from being an example of conflicting knowledge, is an instance of the potential of open interdisciplinary dialogue.

Fear is a recurrent state in a global pandemic such as the one we are living (fear of death, contagion, disability...). The topic of fear has also been incorporated into illness narratives in different textual formats (autobiography, novels, plays, movies, TV series…). The experience can be individual and/or collective, and the dialectic between the plight of the 'I' and of the 'we', embedded in the socioeconomic, political, and cultural dynamics of the era, is part of the process of creating stories.

This panel looks at narratives of fear in relation to physical and mental illness since 1960, when the term medical humanities was coined in the U.S. It invites experts in American Studies to delve into topics such as the following (or others in a similar vein), as reflected in literature, film, and/or television:

o Fear(s) in illness narratives (fear of pain, loss, death, disfigurement, disability…);

o Affect Theory, the sick body, and fear;

o Phenomenological approaches to fear and/of disease;

o Risk management and fear: previvor narratives;

o Gendered and/or racialized fear;

o Fear of 'the other' during epidemics and pandemics (e.g. COVID-19 as 'the Chinese virus') ;

o Fear and rhetoric: illness as metaphor, metaphors for illness;

o Illness and fear on the screen;

o Utopian and dystopian illness narratives;

o Narrating the fear of extinction;

o Creating narratives to confront fear: storytelling as therapy;

o Cultural narratives of fear in the medical curriculum.


Abstracts of Proposals are to be e-mailed directly to the chair of the selected panel using this form. The deadline for submitting abstracts is October 15, 2020. Panel chairs are expected to accept/reject proposals and have panels set up by November 15.


Non-members of SAAS (of all nationalities) are welcome to participate in the conference, but will be required to pay membership dues for one year as well as the conference registration fee. Members of ASA (American Studies Association), AISNA (Associazione Italiana di Studi Nor-Americani), APEAA (Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies) and HELAAS (Hellenic Association for American Studies) need only pay the conference registration fee.

Further guideliness for participants can be found here.

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